1st Dog is a web site that could only be made in America. 1st Dog is a division of Reps Design. We are a Midwest company selling health, wellness and stress relieving products online for over a decade. 

In the last couple years it’s become obvious more and more people are stressed out. Stress levels are often elevated by a real or perceived lack of power and control over a situation. There are many reasons for this, but it’s always been our goal to help make people feel better and live healthier lives.

1st Dog is a spin-off company which takes stress reduction in a unique direction. 1st Dog brings to the marketplace a variety of creative products which allow people to channel frustration and angst in a healthy way, without suppressing it. Our first two products are the classic PINK PUSSYHAT and the TRUMP BOP BAG.

The pink hats have become a new symbol of empowerment, a visual way to show unity and equal rights for all women. When you see another pink hat in a crowd, there’s an immediate connection. And best of all, the hats are hand made and sold right here in the USA

The Trump bop bag is a fun, non-violent way to beat stress. He’s drawn in a non-demeaning cartoon design. But more than a workout, the bop bag is also a unique collectable for this historic time in American History. (Imagine if you had a Lincoln Bop Bag, what would that be worth today?) Of course, you don’t have to hit him, he’s 100% huggable too! The bop bags are imported, but your support will help our small business to plan and produce more USA made products down the trail, including 1st Dog Tweets, the gluten-free organic dog snack. The #1 recommended stress reliever for dogs!

Thank you for supporting 1st Dog, a woman-powered American small businesss.