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The Original Whoopie Cushion – Set of 2 – NOW ON SALE


From the makers of My Fart Pillow (TM), here comes a wacky gas bag full of laughs, the original WHOOPIE CUSHION. Made from latex rubber, this 7 inch diameter round fart pillow is the perfect target for anyone’s rear.

It farts in Russian!

Simply fill the whoopie cushion with air and slip under any seat cushion. Next, invite an unsuspecting victim to have a seat and wait for the hilarity to ensue as the embarrassing sound of flatulence fills the room!

Shipping is FREE!

The WHOOPIE CUSHION includes a humorous insert, perfect for gift giving. This is a limited edition collector’s cushion. Get one for yourself and one for a friend!

SET OF 2 was $19.95 NOW $14.95 and FREE SHIPPING