Women’s March 2.0 is coming Saturday January 21st 2018.


Most Trumpites probably believe “Made in the USA” was a term invented by Trump (although his ties and other clothing is made overseas).

My goal on 1st Dog is to eventually source, make and sell everything right here in the USA. The PINK PUSSYHAT COLLECTION is a step in the right direction, and the first item item I can proudly say is made in the USA, in Minnesota, no less. And who knows about warm hats better than a native Minnesotan, I ask you?

Women’s March 2.0 is coming Saturday January 21st 2018.The 1st anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington and the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration means it’s time to speak out and stand out. Our pink pussyhats are designed to show unity at a time when some in this country seem hell bent on dividing us up.

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