Hello to everyone on the right side of History!

Welcome to 1st Dog.

We opened the 1st Dog online shop in the Summer of 2017, and based on customer reaction so far, not a moment too soon! We are your source for unique resistance-themed products with a creative twist.

Why “Haberdashery”?

There are a couple reasons we decided to refer to ourselves as a Haberdashery. First, the Pink Pussyhats are the original inspiration for the 1st Dog store and the headwear eventually became the first item we offered for sale. And, all 1st Dog products are designed to feed your mind with creative ways to express your opinions in this unprecedented time in American history.

We’d also love to hear your ideas and suggestions. You can write below without having to sign in and your email won’t be viewable.

  1. Ringo

    I love your stuff! Trump lies too much. It makes me very angry! There is too much anger in the world.
    Peace and Love!

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