In these stressful times, it’s important to vent your anger and frustration. Instead of yelling at your spouse or throwing the remote at your TV, focus your angst and go a few rounds with this colorful 4 foot tall, 12” di. Presidential bop bag. It's a great stress reliever and a very collectable item in these historical political times. Get yours today and start fighting back! Of course, you don't have to punch him. For your pro-Trump friends, he's huggable too! Makes a great gift.

The political caricatures shown were created by Sheila Zwettler, capturing classical portraits of two history-altering world leaders for these limited edition collectable items. For more information and to see more of Sheila's work, visit her web site HERE.

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WARNING: These are not floatation devices. Not designed for use in water. Not intended for children under 5 years. Adult supervision required.